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Kotoistus project is a group working under the authority of the Finnish Ministry for Education at CSC. Our goal is to identify problems related to localization in Finland, and offer solutions to them. Kotoistus was initially established under Kotus (Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus).

On these pages, I publish information related to work at Kotoistus where I am personnally involved. I am a member of the Kotoistus Advisory Group. The URL for the Kotoistus project is http://www.kotoistus.fi/.

I am very grateful to the FUUG Foundation for their support, which has helped me participate in the keyboard layout standardization and CEN/MEEK projects.

  • Keyboards
    • Finnish International Keyboard
    • Finnish Programmer's Keyboard
  • CLDR
    • Sorting
    • Date specifications (localizedPatternChars)


Finnish International Keyboard

Finnish Programmer's Keyboard

Notes from the starting days of the keyboard workgroup


In October 2008, I proposed a new global input method as a solution for Internet cafes and people who work in multilingual environments [Global IM proposal (rev. 4 of 2009-06-10)].

Kotoistus pages for CEN/MEEK cooperation: http://www.csc.fi/english/pages/meek/.


Unicode Consortium's CLDR project is an XML database for internationalization (i18n).



Date specifications (localizedPatternChars)

Date specifications (localizedPatternChars)


Links to related resources (linkpage).

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