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Kotoistus - Minus

Unicode has several hyphen/dash/minus characters.
Here is their current availability under X with the Finnish keyboard layout:

Unicode  Name                  xkeysymdef name/alias     Compose/en_US.UTF-8   xkb/symbols/fi ***
U+002D   HYPHEN-MINUS          XK_minus                  used                  yes
U+00AD   SOFT HYPHEN           XK_hyphen                 -                     yes
U+2010   HYPHEN                -                         -                     -
U+2011   NON-BREAKING HYPHEN   -                         -                     -
U+2012   FIGURE DASH           - (* XK_figdash, 0x0ABB)  -                     -
U+2013   EN DASH               - (* XK_endash, 0x0AAA)   **                    yes
U+2014   EM DASH               - (* XK_emdash, 0x0AA9)   **                    yes
U+2015   HORIZONTAL BAR        -                         -                     -
U+2212   MINUS SIGN            -                         used                  -

* if XK_PUBLISHING is defined, the alias points to this value.
** Produced by multikey combination.
*** Finnish is the only language where anything other than minus and hyphen are found.

In other words, we can produce the HYPHEN-MINUS, SOFT HYPHEN, EN DASH and EM DASH
characters. In other languages, only HYPHEN-MINUS and SOFT HYPHEN can be produced.

We can add these other characters to the available repertoire, as long as
no confusion is created by doing so. 

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